Why B & M Assure?

There are many drivers which make B & M Assure the ideal solution for meeting planned and unplanned needs:

  • Providing contingency cover for when key members of ICT staff are absent
  • Coping with fluctuations in workload at any time of year
  • Offering agility and flexibility delivering the exact amount of resource needed
  • Mitigating risk by using experienced specialists
  • Enabling reassignment of staff to meet the changing needs of fast-moving businesses
  • Ensuring business continuity by meeting staffing commitments
  • Meeting project deadlines by acquiring the right resources at the right time, every time
  • On-demand services for short-term skills shortages
  • Bespoke skills delivery service
  • Priority search service to cover for  unplanned events
  • Thoroughly screened specialists
  • Best practice standards

B & M Assure is a set of bespoke services designed to meet the ICT needs of today's businesses - even when things do not go according to plan.

B & M Assure enables customers to plan for temporary skills shortages - at times of exceptionally high workload or when key IT staff are on leave for example - or to react swiftly to unplanned events, such as staff sickness.

B & M delivers specialists to meet these short-term, tactical needs using best practice standards and working to pre-agreed service levels to achieve desired outcomes.

B & M Assure planned cover

  • Before becoming the customer's B & M Assure resource, the relevant specialists will spend time assimilating the customers' systems and business
  • The services of the specialists are engaged by B & M and delivered as needed as part of the B & M Assure service

B & M Assure unplanned cover

  • B & M Assure can also meet the needs of unplanned shortfalls in skills, offering access to our priority search and selection service to source specialists at short notice
  • Provision of expert resources is subject to availability

Proven expertise

B & M provides contract specialists for short and long term placements in the UK, Eire and Continental Europe for leading-name organisations.  We have long-standing relationships with some of the most experienced z/OS and UNIX specialists in the industry, giving us the edge when it comes to delivering the resources that our customers need.

Fee structure

With B & M Assure planned cover, the services of key specialists are engaged by B & M. The service is charged on the basis of a retainer, with support charged by time.  For B & M Assure unplanned cover, services are charged at an hourly rate and are subject to availability.



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