Why B & M ProTech?

There are many factors that make B & M ProTech the ideal solution for organisations which need a professional, flexible approach to delivering ICT projects, including:

  • Bringing vision with a broad technical perspective
  • Needing to succeed in increasingly complex environments
  • Improving communications by bringing a new point of view
  • Overcoming key skills shortages by finding specialists with the right skills and expertise
  • Needing project experience not always available in-house
  • Mitigating risk by outsourcing work
  • Delivering on time and on budget every time
  • Gaining resources without adding to headcount
  • End-to-end project delivery
  • Clear deliverables
  • Tailored projects
  • Managed or self-managed
  • Proven, on-time, on-budget project delivery

B & M ProTech delivers technical projects tailored to meet each customer's ICT needs. We work closely with customers to agree on the best method of management for their project. Either the customer may elect to manage the resources we supply in-house or mitigate the risk by asking B & M to manage the project team on their behalf using a professional project manager.

Whichever form of management is appropriate, B & M ProTech delivers multi-disciplined teams with consistently high levels of technical knowledge and expertise who work to pre-agreed levels of service. All technical projects are delivered in compliance with our best practice standards.

Customer-managed projects

  • Customers are responsible for managing teams directly
  • B & M supplies skilled specialists
  • Specialists may not need to appear on company headcount, depending on the customer's policy

B & M managed projects

  • B & M manages the team and provides an experienced project or technical manager
  • Skilled specialists and project management professionals are provided on a fixed-fee basis
  • Specialists usually do not appear on company headcount

Proven expertise

B & M is experienced in delivering a wide range of projects to major organisations in the public and private sectors in the UK, Eire and Continental Europe. B & M has an exceptional track record in delivering projects on time and on budget.

B & M will custom-build a team of qualified professionals with the appropriate skills for each project. Their experience and skills combine to offer an unprecedented level of assurance to organisations seeking support on major ICT projects.

Fee structure

Project deliverables, timescales and budgets are agreed before each project commences. The fee structure for ProTech services is agreed to ensure that it is commensurate with each customer's business needs.



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