Why B & M ProLegacy?

Resourcing the management and support of legacy systems can be a distracting and cost-intensive process if managed in-house. B & M ProLegacy offers a managed service to address issues including:

  • Finding key skills at the time they are needed
  • Fulfilling scarce resource particularly for older systems
  • Making the workforce more flexible to meet the changing needs of the business
  • Improving the efficiency of the IT operation
  • Reducing headcount
  • Fixing costs on amortising systems
  • Improving the effectiveness of the IT department by outsourcing non-core activities
  • Reducing management overheads
  • Flexible, bespoke service for legacy or non-core systems
  • Fully managed systems maintenance
  • Continuity for key business processes
  • Frees up in-house staff
  • Enduring support

B & M ProLegacy is an enduring legacy support service which ensures that critical business applications and platforms continue to work effectively.

B & M ProLegacy enables organisations to improve the efficiency and productivity of their IT function by outsourcing the support and maintenance of systems software environments whilst reducing organisational complexity, headcount, cost and risk.

B & M ProLegacy is designed to provide support for any stabilised production system where further development is not anticipated.

Flexibility for legacy systems

Our knowledgeable specialists monitor, manage and maintain legacy systems to ensure business continuity using best practice standards.

B & M will manage the customer's software infrastructure to ensure that legacy systems offer optimum levels of availability. The service allows organisations to outsource the maintenance of their legacy systems, freeing up in-house IT staff to focus on development of future IT infrastructure.

Proven expertise

Our strength and longevity in the ICT market means that B & M is able to offer an unrivalled range of technical support skills for systems software running legacy systems.  We provide legacy support services in conjunction with other technical support services.

Fee structure

B & M ProLegacy is charged on a fixed-term, fixed-fee basis.



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