Why B & M ProSupport?

B & M ProSupport is a flexible technical support service that is ideal for organisations with changing levels of need who wish to:

  • Reduce risk by using experienced, professional, external support resources
  • Redeploy staff to other roles
  • Ensure IT continuity through a planned support process
  • Reduce exposure to fluctuations in workload demand
  • Ensure contingency cover for key technical skills
  • Fix support costs to improve budgetary planning
  • Free themselves of dependency on specific specialist employees
  • Gain access to a ready pool of talent from a leading provider in the field
  • Flexible second and third level support
  • Tailored service to meet business need
  • Support up to 24/7
  • Optional outsourced service

B & M ProSupport is a flexible support service designed to meet the very different IT situations within large enterprises.  B & M ProSupport offers a choice of second and third-level support services that help to reduce downtime and keep the business running - right up to
on-site, 24 x 7 support if required.  B & M ProSupport includes some or all the following elements:

  • Business continuity
  • Platform maintenance
  • Support for business critical operations
  • Standby support
  • Emergency support
  • System protection and monitoring
  • Outsourced support service

B & M ProSupport can be tailored to include a mixture of proactive and reactive services, combining cost-efficiency with optimum system protection.  B & M's specialists work in collaboration with customers' own in-house IT staff to analyse, build, integrate, manage and develop IT continuity processes that make sure that key platforms are constantly available to support the business.

Service flexibility

The service is flexible, enabling support to be up or downgraded at certain periods, as the business demands.  B & M ProSupport can be delivered as an outsourced service as required.

Proven expertise

We deliver multi-disciplined teams of specialists who take a proactive approach to support issues.  Our experienced specialists work to ensure that large-platform ICT problems are dealt with swiftly and effectively, minimising any potential impact on the business.  B & M ProSupport is delivered on-site or remotely, complying with our best practice standards and guaranteed levels of service.

Fee structure

There is a set-up cost for B & M ProSupport, after which we charge a highly competitive retainer fee for the duration of the agreement, plus an agreed rate for call-out support.



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